Getting Started in Group Fitness

By Dedicated to Fitness - February 22 2013

Group Classes are a great way to enjoy getting fit. Its like a personal training session, but with a few friends !

Every one can participate at their own level, and in most classes there are always easier or lower options.

let the Instructor know its your 1st time and they will offer a range of moves and options to keep you pushing your self with out going beyond your limit.

LesMills are the leaders in Group Fitness and at D2f we have a great range of LesMills classes along with our own range of specially formulated classes.

We also have the OUTDOOR option, Gym In A Box. We have BootCamp style classes along with other classes at various Parks in and around Bathurst.

click here to down load a info shee on some of th fatastic classes we have a Dedicated to Fitness

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