D2f Blayney to Bathurst Training Program

By Dedicated to Fitness - December 31 2016

B2B Blayney to Bathurst, so you’re thinking about riding ….. ? 2017 New Year …New You !

If you want to ride the B2B this year and need some guidance with how to get in shape to complete either the 70km or the 110km course, Dedicated to Fitness have formulated a plan to take you right up to the day of the ride .

Hi I’m Mark Simons, one of the owners of Dedicated To Fitness, and a keen Cyclist, you may know me from having done one of my RPM indoor classes at D2f, I’m also a Level 1 Cycling Coach and have trained a wide variety of Cyclist from beginners through the Nations and International Competitors.

Firstly, if you have a history of any kind of Heart Condition, High Blood Pressure, or an existing medical condition that may restrict exercise, please consult your doctor and discuss this with them and follow their recommendations  before embarking on this program.

If you are a first timer looking to complete the ride or a semi regular rider that wants to better your time from previous years, D2f has a structured plan for you to follow to get you to the finish line.

Building up to the B2B is best done through small achievable steps, with planned recovery and increases designed to slowly and sustainably increase your fitness and endurance.

The D2f B2B training plan is set out for you in WEEKLY blocks. Your goal each week should be to complete the prescribed kilometres and the added efforts scheduled.

You can see that there are increases each week with a slight reduction every 4th week. The “recovery” weeks are to allow a reduction in work load and give you a “freshen up” to allow you to take the step to the next level. This builds great endurance. Don't be tempted to “push on” or keep increasing the work load through these “recovery” weeks, take the scheduled reduction in work load and  prepare to step up in the weeks that follow.

One of the first things we need to do is establish what level you are currently at, so we can align you with the appropriate plan.

Firstly this program is not really tailored to the A Grade Club Racer, it’s more for the recreational riders and regular social riders that want to challenge themselves by riding the B2B.

Level 1 : Minimal long distance riding, occasional rides around 10km, possibly new to cycling but keen to improve. Your goal may be the 70km loop. NEW TO LONG DISTANCES.

Level 2 : Has been riding for a little while and starting to be more regular between 10-25km each ride, once or twice a week. RIDES OCCASIONALLY OVER 25KM

Level 3 : Riding over 12 months comfortable with one or two rides over 25km per week and settling into cycling in general. RIDES 1-3 TIMES A WEEK OVER 25KM

Level 4 : Comfortable on the bike, regular rides over 35km a few times a week, participates in group rides and social rides with others, may have ridden B2B previously and want to improve their time. RIDES 2-5 TIMES A WEEK OVER 35KM.

The plan is aimed at riding outdoors on your bike, but if you need to it can be converted to an indoor session either through TIME, or if you have a trainer and can record KM.

You will  notice on training plan there is a “INCLUDE/ADD” column . These are the key objectives of the daily ride, and a contributing factor in your improvement.  I’ll give you a break down of these.
10 Second SPRINTS: These need to get your heart rate up close to maximum. Ideally you can do these on the flat or very slight grade. Use a bigger gear than normal riding, and give every thing for the 10 seconds, between these recovery is key, use the 2 Minutes to get the breathing under control, heart rate down a little, and prepare to go again , don't short cut the recovery or extend it.
If you are Level 1 do these seated, if you have good bike handling skills, Level 4 for example these can be a standing effort.

30 Second HILL efforts:  Find a gentle UP HILL. A short hill is ideal as you can turn around and use the down hill to recover, or if on a longer climb use your easiest gear and spin through the recovery. The goal with these is to focus on using a bigger gear than you would “normally” climb with and generate some muscle tension . Ideally you would aim for a Cadence ( rpm or pedal stroke rate) or around 60 or one revolution per second. Hold the speed, with the legs under tension for the 30 seconds, these are best done seated. This are to assist with generating some strength in your pedal stroke, focus on the pedalling and remember to complete the circle as best as possible, don't just press down, wipe you foot across the bottom of the stroke (like wiping mud off your boots) then lift slightly and kick the pedal over the top of the stroke and then follow through with power on the down stroke.

TT efforts 5 or 10 minutes:  TT or Time Trial efforts are best performed at around 80% or maximum. So that means either 80% of you perceived maximum effort or 80% of your Max Heart rate. These are best performed on either flat or slight rises  or into a head wind. The gear and speed is not that important, but the level or exertion is ! This is a sustainable and repeatable effort, don't start to hard, aim to nail every one at 80%, don't worry if you are travelling slower, repeating the effort is key. Use these to “stay in control” so that means mentally, know you can do it !, Breath in control, if you are, what I call “panic breathing” slow down and get back in control. Get into a comfortable position for the complete effort, stay as still as possible in the upper body, control the core and stabilise you hips. Cadence or pedal revs should be around 85 up to 110 , but in control.

LONG RIDE WEEK. This is the week to generate some confidence in your progress and fitness, its a mid plan test if you like. Now don’t worry that you are not busting out big kilometres every week in the lead up to the B2B. The accumulated distance during the week is our real goal. These accumulated km’s are the foundation that will get you through the B2B, not a big ride every now and again. My recommendation is to use this ride as a  “dress rehearsal” if you like for the B2B. Again don’t worry about it not being as far as the B2B ride you choose to enter.

Think about things like hydration, can you carry two bottles on your bike for example, take two for this ride. Also take along the food you will eat on the B2B, remember you need to top up with some Carbs at least every 20-30 minutes.  Small bite sized snacks are ideal, bars etc or a cookie or fruit loaf, banana, dates etc. Test the food and drink you will use now, make sure it sits well in your tummy, under pressure and practice eating and drinking on this ride. Keep a sustainable pace and measure out your efforts on hills etc, but have confidence in you fitness, you have been building and working hard on making the deposits in to your “fitness bank” make the withdrawals carefully. The key point here is trust your ability to recover after a hill or an effort, don’t be scared to go “into the red” for a short time, you WILL recover !

So there here it is , your chance to get involved and ride the B2B 2017, I have some tips and helpful hints on the way over the next 13 weeks. Follow us at our Cycling Team face book page
D2f MTB & CycleTeam for updates, tips and feel free to drop you questions in on the comments section.


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